Welcome to the Hampton Roads Camaro Club (HRCC) website. We are located in Virginia and have members from many areas of the tidewater region.  We as a club are in our 10th year. The years have went by so fast and we have a lot of activities going on. Since the start we have done many fun road trips, car shows, local events and much more!

The members of this car club have made it what it is. It’s better in person to share what the club is really about. Come on out and be a part of the club and all the things we have to offer. So get out and join us for our 9th year. It’s already going strong and is going to be the best yet. Our goal is to have fun and to celebrate the legendary Camaro.

This isn’t just a car club, it’s a family and yes all years are welcome (1967-2020). Last but not forgotten, your family needs to be involved, so bring them with you.