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 We are in our 5th year, the first/second/third/fourth year went by so fast (why wouldn’t it, we do drive CAMARO’s). We had a lot of events that went off like we had been doing it for years. The members of this club have really put the club on the map, from the father’s day picnic to the garage day wrenching. The road trips to Camaro fest/RIR/ Virginia Diner were just few of the events, many not listed due to the list never stop growing. The 4th year has already ramped up with the event calendar being loaded with all the inputs from joining members that have trips/events/meetings already planned. So get out and join us for our 4th year, its already going strong.

This isn’t just a club, it’s a family and yes all years are welcome (1967-2015). Last but not forgotten, your family needs to be involved, bring them with you.  For more information on this camaro club go to camaro5.com and search HRCC. 

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Tech Tip:

2010 Camaro-Push and hold the traction control button to turn off the stability control
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