Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to own a Camaro to be in the club? 

Yes, a Camaro is required in order for you to join the club! We welcome all years of the Camaro!

What are the dues for the club?

*New Member* dues are $25 (Which includes 1 free t-shirt) Each year the renewal dues are $15.

What are the benefits of being a member? 

Members will receive a card that has the following benefits:

10% OFF parts @ Hampton Chevrolet     10% OFF Service @ Hampton Chevrolet

Free Inspections @ Hampton Chevrolet  *There is no 10% Discount for the body shop*

Where are our members located?

Our members are located all over the peninsula! We invite anyone and everyone with a Camaro to join the club.

Are meetings required?

Although meetings are not mandatory we do encourage club participation in meetings because we do cover important information. We talk about upcoming events, welcome new members, and other useful information! We understand some can’t always make meetings and we do send out a monthly meeting email to help fill in missed information.

Is Facebook required to be in the club?

Facebook is not required to be in the club, but we do have a group page on Facebook that we use to coordinate car events and share Camaro news/articles etc.

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